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I love being a part of generating ideas and starting projects

Workshop & Events

The last years I have developed and facilitated different kinds of event and projects.

They have in common that they all focus on bringing people together,
strengthening mental well-being & how to express oneself in a way that feels honest and good.

Immersive Concert

Danish title: Samklang & Fordybelse

In the beautiful settings of Egholm Castle,

I facilitated an Immersive Concert experience

collaborating with Ceintra*

The event consisted of two parts:


1 part

I did an unplugged intimate concert

- a mix of my own songs

& covers that I feel a strong connection to.

2 part

 I guided a relaxing bodyscan

followed by a sound journey

using some of all the gorgeous instruments

you can see on the photo + using my voice

*Ceintra (Center for Integrativ Traumebehandling)
is a home and place where the owners,

Monica & Anja, support people who are facing a wide range

of symptoms rooted in experienced trauma. 

IMG_1255 (2).JPG

Move & Chill

Together with Freja Witt the concept
'Move & Chill' came to life. 
We have collaborated with
CPH Villages*, creating workshops to the Villagers
(the students living at CPH Villages).

We explored self-expression & the connection

between body and mind through:
bodywork, dance & free movement, reflection,

guided relaxation, soundbath & live music.

Focusing on getting to know new aspects of oneself,

strengthening mental well-being

and making room for having fun and recharging the batteries.

*CPH Villages makes modular student housing

with a focus on simplicity

and co•creating a diverse community-vibe.

The Body as a Navigator
Danish title: Med kroppen som vejviser

This workshop I've created collaborating with headspace Denmark
it focuses on tools and knowledge 
that underlines the body - mind connection.

I give an introduction to our (complex) nervous system
- and
 start different conversations exploring how we can
get better at regulating our emotions.

At the end of the workshop I guide a relaxing bodyscan.
That way the participants can experience

some of the benefits of slowing down and connecting with the body.



Calm Inside
Danish title: Indre Ro

In collaboration with headspace Gentofte,

actor Laura Bach & I created a series of workshops for young people between 14 & 18 years curious on how to find more moments of calmness inside.

We gave them different teqniques to calm down the nervous system and information, that gave them better options to take care of themselves.

Bath of Senses
Danish title: Sansebad

At Sofiebadet in the heart of Copenhagen

the women from Organismic and I got invited 

to facilitate a wellness journey
focusing on the senses of the body.

As a part of the event, I did an intimate concert 

in the beautiful high-ceilinged bathfacilities

and guided a sound-bath inside the hamam,

as well as making people sing together
and opening up their voices.

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